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Jul 12, 2010 6:00am EDT
and their history and i'm proud of having been porn in mexico and i'm incredibly proud of being a u.s. citizen. few years ago, i was talking to the chile an writer and she told me that for many years, she was having these conflicts. she didn't know if she was from chile or the united states. she felt she needed to choose. then 9/11 came and she realized she could be from both. i feel exactly the same way. i fortunately think that i don't have to choose. can i be both from both countries rom the united states and mexico and proud to be from both. >> let me read from dying to cross written in 2003-2004 after the victoria, texas trailer that had 19 people die. >> trying get into the united states. >> the mexican government. your writing this. mexican government has never under any ad min administration made any serious effort to stop the flow of undocumented flow of immigrants to the north. that's because it wasn't and isn't in the country's best interest. the best effort of fox's is reporting the danger office crossing the border illegally but the end result was nothing more than thousands of post
Jul 11, 2010 8:00pm EDT
, their history -- the roots. i am incredibly proud of being a u.s. citizen and having been born in mexico. a few years ago, i was talking to a writer from chile, and she was telling me that for many years, she was having these conflicts. she did not know if she was from chile or if she was from the united states. she felt that she needed to choose, and then, 9/11 game, and she realized she did not have to choose, that she could be at the same time from the united states and from chile. i do not have to chose. i can be from both, and i am very proud to be from both countries. >> "dying to cross," which was written after the victoria, texas, where the 19 people died? >> 19 people died trying to get into the united states. >> you are writing this, the mexican government has never under any administration in any type of serious effort to stop the flow of undocumented immigrants to the north, never. that is because it was not and is not in the country's best interest. the main focus of prism vincente fox's a little campaign was about crossing the border illegally, but the end result was nothing more
Jul 18, 2010 11:00pm EDT
national directorate. it includes supreme court justices governors, the u.s. house and senate and the president's cabinet. this week on "q&a," our guest is robert service. in the last 10 years, he has written about the lives and influences of lenin, stalin and his latest, trotsky. . . caught robert service, harvard has published three of your books, "stalin", "lenin", and "trotsky", 1,876 pages. when did you get interested, first time in this, and why? i got interested in this i suppose in the late '60s when i was a student. mainly because it was being talked about by all of my friends at the time. i was doing languages and literature, russian literature, ancient greek literature. but it was part of the atmosphere of the times. and it started to suck me in and suck me away from literature. >> where were you located at the time? >> i was in england, cambridge. and i loved tolstoy, dostoevsky, all the great russian classics. i loved ancient greek tragedy. but somehow, somehow the bug got me then. there were really big questions to answer about one of these amazing inventions of
Jul 19, 2010 6:00am EDT
? >> because stalin's u.s.s.r. put pressure on them. because he was a subversive, the germans wouldn't have him at all because he wanted to create a dictatorship of the proletariat in germany. now what country in the world would say yes, come in. be our guest. so he was always a very uncomfortable person to have in the country. and revolutionary mexico was the only haven for him by the end of the 1930s, and very regretfully, that's where he went. >> how many years was he in mexico? >> he was in mexico for three years before stalin's political police caught up with him. >> what was -- what were the circumstances of his death? >> an assassin, a trained assassin, ramon mercader was sent out from moscow, with a team -- he was told to seduce one of the many young women who worked as secretarial assistance for trotsky. he did this very effectively. he inveigled his way into the villa on a regular basis in coyoacan in mexico city. and one day one sunny august 1940 afternoon, he turned up in a mackintosh claiming that he had heard that it was going to rain. >> mackintosh being a trench coat? >> a trenc
Jul 18, 2010 8:00pm EDT
police. the u.s. consulate was keeping an eye on him, too. journalists were all over him all of the time in mexico city. so the assassin is taken into captivity. he denies his real identity. he denies having anything to do with the soviet union. he is put on trial and he is kept in prison for decades, always denying that he had any connection with joseph stalin. he said, in fact, that he was a disappointed follower of trotsky. >> what happened to him once he got out of jail? >> he went back to the soviet union. >> did he ever confess that he was a stalin -- >> he was given rank in the kgb. he was awarded prizes and metals, but he could not stand the soviet union. he could not stand living there. this was not the place it was built up to be in his imagination. he moved to cuba. >> what did stalin think he accomplished by taking trotsky out? >> you have to say, i think, that for too many resources were put to the extermination of the life of this one single individual. a man who had, at most, a few thousand followers in the world. his message barely ever got through to the u.s.s.r. in the
Jul 4, 2010 8:00pm EDT
the outcome of those. and the degree of u.s. petition patient or not. -- u.s. participation or not. i am writing about money and politics now because this is an election year. these issues are on the table right now. >> this is a little bit out of -- we have not been talking about anything like this. he wrote a piece recently. this had to do with the state of virginia. it was about a name from the past. this is a man by the name of fred malek. can you tell us about this story? >> is a quintessential washington tale -- is a quintessential washington tale. a lot of people cycle through washington. they have an impeccable record of service in washington and they become washington sages. there are people that are regarded with great respect. people from every political strife. in the course of their careers, maybe out of ambition and a chemist take in the early part of their careers that is hard to leave behind. fred malek was a senior aide to president nixon and he made what he described as the most serious mistake of his life. when nixon decided that he was being blindsided by employees of
Jul 25, 2010 8:00pm EDT
prime minister nick lang fills in for david cameron, who was visiting the u.s. also, discussion on race and politics, and another chance to see "q&a." clark hoyt. -- with clark hoyt. >> c-span was created by american's cable companies. >> why is it pensioners had to wait until this coalition government came into power to restore their earnings links? why is it his party scrap the tax rate? we have taken people
Jul 25, 2010 11:00pm EDT
, depending how you count them. "usa today" did not exist in that mix. "newsweek," "u.s. news" are struggling and one of them may not exist in the long run. "life" magazine, the circulation in the billions no longer exists. there are many more voices today. i think that is healthy in many respects. the danger for any society is a view -- is if you don't have some core of shared facts and values, ultimately, there is a great danger for the society. i do worry about that. >> in a speech, the writer said you defended the use of anonymous sources as a necessary evil, adding the news business has worked hard to minimize their use. i have some stuff here. what did you find that "the new york times" about anonymous sources and how you feel about that today? >> i do defend the use of anonymous sources in circumstances. i do think they're necessary. they were necessary -- "the new york times" won a pulitzer prize for a story that revealed the bush administration's extra legal system of eavesdropping on american citizens, electronic eavesdropping. some people saw that as traders. i thought it was an im
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12 (some duplicates have been removed)